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Is your business currently experiencing hard to collect debts?
At Settl.it we’ve discovered that when debtors face a financial crisis, they behave like shoppers. They can’t afford to pay every bill, so they pay the ones offering them the best deal.


With Settl.it, you offer late payers the opportunity to negotiate a discount – online – in return for making an immediate payment.


The earlier you offer a settlement, the smaller the discount need be.


Settl.it is proven to substantially increase collections and reduce write-offs.

How it Works

The settlement process

Create a claim

1. Enter Claims

Register as a user and immediately enter the details of your claim. Invoices and other relevant data can be attached to the claim.


Invite to Settle

2. Invite to Settle

settl.it emails the party owing you money and invites them to settle or negotiate online.
This invitation can also be sent by post.


3. Negotiate

The other party has 3 chances to bid online and meet or exceed the minimum amount that you have set in advance. Your minimum will be kept a secret from the other party.



4. Accept Payment

settl.it arranges a secure online payment by bank transfer, credit or debit card to complete the settlement. On receipt into a regulated Client bank account this money is transferred directly to your bank account.


5. Fees

settl.it charges 10% of the settlement received. No settlement – no fee.

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