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What is settl.it?

Unique, automated, online debt negotiation and settlement.
settl.it is an online platform for the negotiation and settlement of hard-to-collect debt.

Our revolutionary bid for settlement approach motivates even hard-to-contact debtors.

Using patent protected software:

  • A settl.it settlement offer can generate 5 to 10 times the response of a standard collection letter
  • Once logged on to the settl.it system over 70% of responders will settle
  • The typical settl.it settlement averages 14% higher than the minimum amount set by the creditor
  • The discount granted in a settl.it settlement is almost always less than the cost of litigation and subsequent enforcement

settl.it is online 24/7/365 with no restrictions on collection contact. In fact 20% of our online settlements take place after working hours.

settl.it has proved particularly powerful for cost efficient collection of high volume low value consumer debt.


Why settl.it works for all involved

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