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The easiest way to settle financial disputes

Automated online negotiation & settlement platform

Whether you’re owed money (a creditor) or owe money (a debtor), settl.it can help you reach an amicable settlement with the other party and allow you to get on with what really matters…doing business.


Why use settl.it?

Less cost

Time is money not to mention the fees, interest and other costs of debt collection or litigation, which are not even guaranteed to succeed.


Saves time

Quickly establishes the intention of the other party and their appetite to settle.


No hassle

No direct contact helps maintain good relations between both parties.

No obligation

Whilst using settl.it to offer to settle the situation, there is no actual obligation on either side to do so.

Win / Win

All settlements are amicable and a win/win for both parties.


Focus on business

Financial disputes are a major distraction so a quick, cost effective and hassle free resolution is very valuable.

Resolve your dispute now

Our independent and trusted online platform brings both parties of a dispute together with no need for direct communication and hassle. Start the process of resolving your dispute by selecting your situation below.