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Do you have a long outstanding or disputed debt that you would like to settle at a discounted amount?

At Settl.it we’ve discovered that when creditors have long outstanding or disputed debts, they will often accept an offer to settle the debt at a discounted value.


With Settl.it you offer the business that you owe money to the opportunity to negotiate a reduced settlement with you – online – in return for making an immediate payment.


Settl.it is proven to help businesses settle their debts at a discount and with no fuss or conflict.

How it Works

The settlement process

Enter Details

1. Enter Details

Provide details of the debt below 


Invite to Settle

2. Invite to Settle

settl.it emails the other party and invites them to settle with you using our online service.


3. Negotiate

If the other party accepts, you will receive an invitation to settle by email.

You have 3 chances to bid online and meet or exceed the minimum amount that the other party has set in advance.


Make Payment

4. Make Payment

If the minimum is reached settl.it facilitates a secure online payment for you to complete the settlement. This money is transferred by settl.it to the other party’s bank account.

That’s it!

settl.it is totally free of charge to you and under our Terms and conditions the settlement is binding on both parties

Provide details to enable us to contact the other party in relation to the debt